Statistic brain research institute

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span in 8.25 seconds. This is the window in which your content must grab the reader’s attention. Maybe there was a time when we could sit down to 30 pages without our minds wondering, or maybe this is just juvenoia. Regardless, people are the way ...

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Content strategy

Content strategy has become something of a buzzword in ecommerce and online marketing. All classical marketing strategy was developed to meet existing business goals, and content strategy is an extension of these techniques. Traditional methods involved saturating the consumer with impulse factors, pressing their buy b ...

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Grow your brand with infographics

The average person will remember 10% of what she hears, 20% of what she reads and an incredible 80% of what she sees and does. Does your company need any of the following? A 40% higher chance of your content being shared on social media? An up to 12% improvement in traffic The chall ...

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